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Elle vise aussi à soigner, rééduquer, réinsérer. L'Assurance Maladie mène ainsi une véritable politique de gestion du risque. Nos valeursLa solidarité et cialis cialis pas cher l'égalité d'accès aux soins sont les valeurs fondatrices de l'Assurance Maladie.

Our Board of Directors for the KBZ Group of Companies is made up of the following members:


U AungKo Win

The Chairman & Co-Founder of KBZ Group of Companies, U AungKo Win holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Mandalay. Under his entrepreneurial guidance KBZ has become a leading conglomerate in Myanmar. He is the Chairman ofthe KBZ Group of Companies and Kanbawza Bank. He also holds positions as Chairman Emeritus at Myanmar Jades, Gems & Jewelry Entrepreneurs; at the Republic of The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (UMFCCI); at the Myanmar Football Federation; at the Myanmar Anti-Narcotics Association and at the Border Area Development Association, Myanmar. He has been the recipient of State Excellence Awardsfor more than half a decade from the President for contributions to Myanmar. He hasalso been the recipient of multiple Special Honorary State Excellence Awardsin appreciationfor making the largest contributions to the Myanmar State Tax & Revenue Department and for community donations. His responsibilities encompass monitoring and directing the activities of all companies within the Group.


DawNan Than Htwe

The Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder of KBZ Group of Companies holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Yangon. She was trained as a teacher and has a strong background in maths, and physics. She is also the Vice-Chairman, KBZ Bank. She was recently awarded a first grade outstanding award for contributions to social activities including education and health.Her key responsibilities cover Group management, finance and philanthropic work.


Nang Lang Kham

Nang is a Director at KBZ Group of Companies. She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Since joining the Group of Companies as an Executive Director.Nang’s main role has been in the aviation and financial businesses of the KBZ Group. Nang is a member of the KBZ Aviation Committee that is responsible for vertical integration within the aviation industry and responsible for communicating with potential partners/investors. She also oversees Air Kanbawza (Air KBZ), Sky Wings Catering and Mai Hsoong Travel As a Director of KBZ Bank, Nang oversees multiple projects under Retail Banking, Multichannel Banking, Card Businesses and its Marketing Department. Nang has been a key player in the establishment of the KBZ Group Office.Her role has been identifying strengths and weaknesses across the group and initiating transformational processes. Nang has a strong passion for philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. She is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation and is personally involved in youth, health and education development and disaster relief projects in Myanmar. She has also introduced a Green Movement programmeat Air KBZ and has implemented initiatives to spread these processes across the Group.


Nang Kham Noung (Marlene)

Marlene is a Director of the KBZ Group of Companies. She holds a BSFS International Economics degree from Georgetown University’s Edmund AWalsh School of Foreign Service in Qatar, where she was the recipient of a Qatar Foundation/Hamad Bin Khalifa Student Scholarship for the years 2010-2013. Marlene joined the KBZ Group of Companies as an Executive Director and is responsible for Banking, Insurance, Group investments and Group transformation. Marlene is a passionate believer in financial inclusion efforts for all those in Myanmar and has started a not-for-profit Microfinance institution under the Brighter Future Foundation.



U NyoMyint (Senior Managing Director)

With a dozen years of experience with KBZ, U NyoMyint has been instrumental in steering the strategic direction as the Senior Managing Director of the KBZ Group of Companies. Before joining the Kanbawza Group, he was Director of the Central Bank of Myanmar (the monetary regulator of the State).He is now the driving force behind developing KBZ Group's strategic business ventures, leading it's business horizons into new sectors and building key relationships with stakeholders including multi-national companies and foreign corresponding banks.On behalf of the Board of Directors he has been building the KBZ brand whilst fostering and nurturing it’s corporate culture. In 2011, U NyoMyint started the Insurance arm of the Group, I-KBZ which has become one of the leading insurers in the country.He is also Chairman of Myanmar Airways International, KBZ’s international airline carrier.



U Moe SanAung (Managing Director)


U Moe San Aung is the Managing Director of Air KBZ. He instigated the establishment of Air KBZ under the umbrella of the KBZ Group. As the airline industry develops, his role is to direct KBZ’s aviation policies alongside contributing to wider KBZ Group policy and strategies.








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